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Red teaming
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Red Teaming

A security and resilience evaluation of an organization by simulating adversary behaviour to determine the possibility of attacks, their vectors, and implications on sensitive data.

Threat hunting
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Threat Hunting

Detection of hidden threats and anomalies that have already breached existing cyber defences and are present in organization infrastructure.

Threat Intelligence
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Threat Intelligence

Data gathering using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques, which analyse publicly available data, to assess current and emerging threats to an organization.

Penetration testing
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Penetration Testing

A comprehensive security evaluation of infrastructure and its components such as networks, mobile and web applications, including source code review to determine their exploitability.

Threat emulation
Theat emulation.jpeg

Threat Emulation

An advanced emulation of threats on an organization’s infrastructure with existing security solutions, including protection and monitoring, to evaluate their efficiency and resilience.

Vulnerability assessment
vulnerability asessment.jpeg

Vulnerability Assessment

Identification of vulnerabilities, including their severity and impacts, across an organization’s infrastructure to recognize its attack surface and prioritize and implement remediations efficiently.

Reverse engineering
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Reverse Engineering

A detailed examination of deconstructed applications and programs to detect vulnerabilities and security oversights.

Threat analysis
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Threat Modeling and Analysis

An assessment of the severity and impacts of existing threats to an organization based on its security protocols and procedures as well as possible mitigation steps.

Social Engineering

A human-oriented penetration testing technique that utilizes various deception techniques such as phishing to determine the possibility of human behaviour caused security risks.

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Social Engineering



Security Quality Management

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