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CYBER CIRCLE is a Latvian cyber security expertise provider, that delivers customized cyber security services to organizations with the aim of building and improving cyber security.

Our company possesses extensive practical experience in areas including incident response, threat hunting, red teaming, penetration testing and delivers support to organizations in various industries in the public and private sectors. We provide a wide spectrum of defensive technologies and cyber security services – proactive, reactive, and security quality management.

CYBER CIRCLE CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) reactively helps organizations respond to cyber incidents, inspect and handle them, mitigate related risks, and implement proactive defence against attacks. CYBER CIRCLE CSIRT is accredited by
TF-CSIRT/Trusted Introducer which has approved our high level of maturity and commitment to compliance with a wide range of standards.

CYBER CIRCLE is a member of the Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia (FSDI Latvia).

Our Vision

A world where people are inspired to use technology.

Our Mission

To make the world a safer place to live and communicate in.


Version: 2.0.

Document date: 2023-03-23

Expiration: this document is valid until superseded by a later version.

Public keys and Encryption Information

Key ID: 0x5c6569c3625b1dd6

Fingerprint:  6331 4E01 7256 6D37 DAD4 836D 5C65 69C3 625B 1DD6

Key type:     RSA/2048

Expires:       2027-02-06


The CYBER CIRCLE team consists of cyber security professionals with extensive knowledge of information technology and adversary behaviour. Our team has broad practical experience in incident response, threat hunting, red teaming, and penetration testing. With a strong focus on technological advancement and cyber skills development, the team is committed to making the cyber world a safer place to live and communicate in.

Aleksandrs Orlovs


With more than 20 years of experience, Aleksandrs has helped leading organisations in business development, strategy execution, and assets security.

Rapid digital transformation, new technology development, and process automation require powerful practical knowledge in cyber security. 

CYBER CIRCLE was founded to evaluate organizations cyber resilience level, proactively test cyber security systems, reactively respond to cyber incidents, train personnel and educate society.

Security is everyone's business!

Both, physical and cyber security. 
You can't control the threat actors, but You must control your defensive posture.

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